Stereopolitan custom shows

We are often asked: can you provide a custom-made show for special Events:

yes we certainly can, cause this is where we come from!

Bandleader Greg Zimmermann contributes almost 20 years of experience in composition and music production and will be happy to apply his expertise to your event.


Tailormade audio-logos and Jingles are only one example of how we could customize the sound of your event. A whole musical concept of your event can be elaborated and implemented with great professional expertise.

Our favorite challenge are shows with numerous Performers bringing together different genres and cultures into one thrilling music performance. So the sky is the limit for your creativity! Furthermore the composing of company-songs involving the audience is daily business for us.

Here’s an example of an award-event which we composed all jingles and categorie-signatures for and after the official part played some lounge-sets:

Subsequent to the official part of the event there can follow Lounge-sets or DJ-plus-sets, just as you need it... in one word: custom made.

Here’s another example: