Robopolitan - the first music-robot, that can host an event!

This is new: an interactive Robot, that entertains your guests and guides them through the event as a host and DJ. Mobile or on stage.

Here’s a small christmas video, at least we tried to make one, but with Robopolitan getting distracted all the time...well you’ll see:


A bit keen, charming and wireless this robot spreads futuristic flair all over the venue. It’s capable of playing video-content or logos over it’s built-in ipad or can play games with the audience. For more information click here.

Why choose music of the ipad band stereopolitan?
How does the band interact with the audience?

“The Ipad-Band” sounds thrilling in the first place. Everybody has seen Youtube-videos in which young japanese students make music on their Ipads and Iphones. Everything sounds very spontaneous and conveniently just like on CD.

Videos can be post-processed, a live-performance can’t. That’s why Stereopolitan has set itself the task to integrate the wow-effect of modern I-devices into their professional stage performance.
Stereopolitan is the first Ipad-band that can provide full musical support for events just with ipads without loosing the charme of a live-band. For example starting with an instrumental set followed by a tasteful lounge-set followed by an action-showblock everything is possible... and mobile and wireless.


For an optiumum optical and musical appearance Stereopolitan developed unique Ipad-Instruments that provide a visionary innovation-experience.


The Ipad-instruments can be used in a mobile and wireless setup and form the very unique character of stereopolitan.

The live-set of stereopolitan varies loungy interpretations of well-known retro-songs and actual chart-hits, combined with a tasteful mixture of filmmusic- remixes and instrumental performances which guarantee a diverse musical experience.