Stereopolitan is a modular concept: just book the modules you need for your event!

Module 1: Ipad-Band: “Stereopolitan digital classics”


“The Ipad-Band” sounds thrilling in the first place. Everybody has seen Youtube-videos in which young japanese students make music on their Ipads and Iphones. Everything sounds very spontaneous and conveniently just like on CD.

Videos can be post-processed, a live-performance can’t. That’s why Stereopolitan has set itself the task to integrate the wow-effect of modern I-devices into their professional stage performance.
Stereopolitan is the first Ipad-band that can provide full musical support for events just with ipads without loosing the charme of a live-band. For example starting with an instrumental set followed by a tasteful lounge-set followed by an action-showblock everything is possible... and mobile and wireless.

You can also book the Duo “Stereopolitan downtown commuters” consisting of a singer and the ipad-guitarist as you like.


Here you can see a video explaining the ipad-instruments and the interactive multitouch-display (with subtitles):